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Heritage Horse 

Mini Giclee series 

framed Christian.jpg

Signed and numbered mini giclee art canvass 

Beautifully presented in a 10x10 inch shadow frame

Just $47 each 

Mini colletion 

4 pictures of your choice for

only $160

framed viking.jpg

Great gift idea

Available direct from the artist

e-mail Linda Finstad

for availability and shipping costs

The following paintings are available as Limited edition framed mini's

8x10 indigenous horse.jpg
Indigenous Horse
small Christianity.jpg
Christian horse
18x24 sliding stop.jpg
Sliding Stop
small Spirit of Africa.jpg
Spirit of Africa
8x10 viking.jpg
Viking Horse
20x24 royal charger.jpg
Royal Charger
8x10 celtic.jpg
Celtic Horse
8x10 Kokopelli 1.jpg
Spirit of Kokopelli 1
More Heritage Horse art will be added to this collection as Linda creates the paintings
18x24 dressage PP.jpg
Dressage Horse
8x10 Kokopelli 2.jpg
Spirit of Kokopelli 2
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