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Mother's Day Special


Never before has owning an original piece of art by Linda Finstad been so affordable

The regular price for these textured paintings is between $120 and $140 

However they are on Sale up until May 10th for just $85

Original textured paintings  - 8x10  on wood - ready to either display on a stand or hang on the wall

Because each painting is one of a kind - if you see one you love do not hesitate to contact Linda

to make it your own

2 poppy.jpg
blue tulips.jpg
pink daisies.jpg
2 black daisy.jpg
1 poppy.jpg
sculpted flowers.jpg
gold tulips .jpg
10 poppy.jpg
gold daisies.jpg
1 bird.jpg
5 poppy .jpg

Email Linda Finstad

to arrange pick up

9 poppy.jpg
yellow daisy 3.jpg
white tulips 2.jpg
teal poppies.jpg
pink daisy 3.jpg
white tulips 2.jpg
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