Hobby Horse Kits

Each kit contains all the fabric components / ribbon/ buttons you need
to make these adorable hobby horses.
Plus really easy to follow step by step instructions (with pictures)
All you need to supply is poly-fill to stuff the head and a pole 
Discover how to attach the hobby horse head to the pole
this information alone is worth the cost of the kit!
Sold out
Savannah-$29.99 +$6 postage
Horse Lover - $29.99 +$6 postage
Hippy Chic-$29.99 +$6 postage
Haute Holly - $29.99 +$6 postage
Camocharge - $29.99 +$6 postage
dotty 1.jpg

Horse Lover

This easy going gelding is the perfect trail horse, nothing spooks him and his steady gait means he can go for miles without getting tired. Suitable for both novice and advanced riders. He is a valuable addition to any stable.

Hippy Chic

This free spirited mare is perfectly suited for trail riding she loves quietly meandering through the lanes listening to the birds singing.  Perfect for you and inexperienced riders hippy chic will take care of even the youngest jockeys.

Savanah - Zebra 

Considering Zebra’s are wild and untameable Savanah is a kind and loving companion.  However she does prefer to bond with just one person and is looking for a forever home.

She is fun to ride and never bucks or kicks.  

Dotty Davina

Dotty is a four year old mare with a sweet personality she has a big heart and an even bigger stride. With the right training and rider she will make a fabulous gymkhana pony.

Haute Holly

If you are looking for an elegant mount this horse is for you. She has impeccable manners and comes from the very best blood lines.Her big expressive movement makes her well suited to dressage.


This hot little horse needs an experienced rider, he loves to go fast and is an excellent jumper. In the stable he is kind and gentle and loves to be groomed making him a pleasure to own.

Note: buttons and ribbon may vary
Dotty Davina - $29.99 +$6 postage