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The beautiful pictures will 

make you turn the pages

Gods word will help you choose the trail that will lead to His kingdom 
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The cowboy's trail to salvation book by Linda Finstad

Using pictures and scripture verses this easy to read little book will guide you through the five easy steps.

That will secure your place in God’s Kingdom.

God wants you to live eternally with Him in heaven

The invitation is Free but you must RSVP

You can read the book on your computer / i-pad / phone or download a PDF version. 
Free books downloaded and Souls potentially saved
Books by Linda Finstad

These beautifully printed books make the perfect gift for both Christian and non-Christian friends 

God's guide to horsse training book by Linda Finstad

God's Guide to Horse Training

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Bible verses for Horse Lovers book by Linda Finstad

Bible Verses for Horse Lovers

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Bible verses for cowboys and cowgirls book by Linda Finstad

Bible Verses for Cowboys

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Each beautifully crafted book contains 100 pages of stunning photography and inspiring words from scripture

My Books

The Cowboy's Trail to Salvation

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Bible Verses for Horse Crazy Kids

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Bible verses for animal lovers book by Linda Finstad

Bible Verses for Animal Lovers

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About the Author

For many years Linda felt like a square peg in a round hole. She loved God and loved attending church, but never really felt like she “fit in” with the other church ladies.

Her baking was store bought and she rarely had time to do her hair and nails. Her lifestyle was certainly unconventional and she worried others would think her a little too loud and rough around the edges. After all none of the other ladies attended rodeo's or cattle branding's.

Linda was “different” she was a horse woman and felt more at home in a barn than sipping tea at the ladies bible study.  It took many years for Linda to realize God made her this way for a reason and could use her unique gifts and talents in His service.

He could even use her big personality and sometimes, inappropriate sense of humour too.

Now she embraces the difference and uses her unique view on life and faith in God to encourage other square pegs to do the same.

Fine art photographer Linda Finstad stroking a pony
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