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Plein Air

 Definition - In the manner of a 19th-century style of painting outdoors, or with a strong sense of the open air,

that became a central feature of French impressionism.

"the French style of plein-air landscape painting"

Prism- Equus style

We are taking the painting class outside.
And into the horse pasture,
for a Plein Air style painting class like no other.
June 12 at 6pm - 9pm
At New Horizon Ranch
$55 per person 
(rain out date June 23)
This really is an animal lovers dream.
At the ranch there are Llama's, donkeys, sheep,
goats (lots of adorable goats) 
and 60 horses.
Chickens, dogs, cats and a sassy mule.
We will set up our easels and paint in the field with live models as inspiration.
At this class you are not restricted to paint just horses.
Inspiration will be all around you.
Literally all around you the animals are free to wander wherever they like and I am sure they will be very interested in a group of artists taking up temporary residence in their pasture.
All art supplies will be provided.
No previous experience required.
Suitable for ages 12 and up
(Although many of the animals are very friendly - this is not a petting zoo. It is a working ranch)  
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small field trip 3.jpg
FIeld trip 4.jpg

Please wear sensible shoes -we will be walking out across the field to our open air studio.

A hat, sun screen and bug spray are highly recommended.

You might also want to bring your camera - there will be lots of photo opportunities.

painting 4.jpg

You are free to paint whichever animal or animals you like - in a variety of easy to learn styles and techniques.  With so many fabulous live models to choose from deciding who to paint will be the hardest part of the class.

hauty hens.jpg
painting 7.jpg

Linda Finstad is not your typical art teacher 

She will inspire you to think creatively and 

give you permission to use all the colours

in the paint box.

You won't want to miss it!

Scroll back up the page and register today.

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