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Can Investing in "Prim-Equus" Make You Rich?

We have all heard of the fantastic prices some pieces of art fetch at auction especially when created by some famous painter like Monet or Salvador Dali

The style of these two painters are polar opposite, however they have one very important thing in common  - they both were the originators of a particular style of art. 

Way back in 1860 Claude Monet was one of the first artists to paint in the “Impressionist” style, he was quickly joined by other artists who formed their own society to exhibit their artwork after being rejected by the traditional French salons, who deemed it too controversial to exhibit. 

Today “Surrealism” paintings and digital art are extremely popular but did you know it was all started by Salvador Dali back in the 1920’s with some very controversial work that shocked the art world.

Just imagine if you had the good fortune and vision to buy an original painting from those artists.  They both developed a new style of art that later went on to inspire other artists and art collectors world wide.

I am sure you would agree that would have been a fabulous investment.

There is an opportunity to do exactly that.

You may or may not have heard of  “Prism-Equus” it is a new style of art that has been added to the urban dictionary.  This unique way of painting horses was developed by artist Linda Finstad.

The definition of “Prism-Equus” is equine personality depicted in colour.  The style and definition along with acknowledgment of her work has made Linda Finstad the founder of a new style of art.  A style that is quickly gaining popularity and one which she is teaching to other budding artists.  

A quick google images search will reveal exactly what “Prism-Equus” looks like.  This style may not appeal to you or fit with your decor.  The same was probably said of Pablo Picasso’s work in those early days.  However when you have the opportunity to buy original art from the founder of an art movement that has to be an investment worth making. An investment that could make you rich.

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