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What is "Prism-Equus"

Linda Finstad is a world renowned equine photographer who spent many, many years capturing the beauty and grace of horses on camera.  Her work in the field fostered a deep fascination for equine body language and communication which lead to her book “How to De-code equine body language” in which Linda Finstad uses photography coupled with years of experience and research Linda Finstad to reveal the secret language of horses. 

Horses are complex creatures and their personalities are multi faceted, making it was impossible  - using photography to accurately portray the horses personality in just one image.  

Prism-Equus means equine personality depicted in colour.

Linda Finstad developed a style of painting that allows the artist to incorporate shapes and colours to depict the true personality of their horse.  The philosophy behind her method of painting is that a horse may be one colour on the out side but on the inside he is a myriad of different colours (which may change depending on the day and his mood).  Horse owners have been aware of this concept for years but until now there was not a word to describe it nor a way to portray it.

The attraction of this style of painting is artists of any skill level can accurately paint their horse or ponies personality.

To see examples Prism-Equus art by Linda Finstad and draw inspiration to create your own visit while you are there download Free Colouring Pages to get you started.

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