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Find your passion

The Purpose driven List is a guided journal,

designed to you find your passion.


Along this journey we call life, there are speed bumps and pot holes along the way that force us to change direction.  These spend bumps could be health related, work related or relationship related.  The conventional wisdom typically doled out when a person is unsure of what path to follow is “follow your passion and your purpose will reveal itself”.  But what if you don’t really know what your passion is?  Perhaps in your younger days you felt passionate about things but that time has passed, leaving you feeling empty and unfulfilled.


Linda Finstad, author of the purpose driven list - knew exactly how that felt. A career she loved had come to an end, retirement was the obvious option but the thought of sitting in a rocking chair waiting for God was a depressing thought.  Out of necessity she found a way to find a new passion and direction for the next chapter in her life.  The process was simple, however like anything worth achieving it wasn't easy it required stepping outside her comfort zone and experimenting with new experiences, activities and adventures.  Linda shares her inspiring story at the beginning of the book.  However this book is not about her this book is designed to help you create a new story for yourself.  

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Re-Invent your life workshop

2019 dates and locations 

March 4, 13, 19 - 6:30pm - 8pm
July 9,16, 23  - 6:30 - 8pm
Sept 24th, Oct 1 and Oct 7- 6:30pm - 8pm
at Linda Finstad's place
 6756 - 31a Ave, Edmonton
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Registrations for the March workshop are now open.

To ensure the best possible experience class size is limited to maximum 12  participants

If you would like to put you name on the wait list

Please e-mail Linda  

Course details

3 Seperate 90 min classes

(There is also home work )

Includes a copy of "The Purpose Driven List"

This is a hands on course you will be completing writing assignments and

taking part in small group discussions.

Total cost $119 

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Have you ever wished you could just hit the re-start button and start your life over.

Not necessarily from the very beginning but certainly in regards to how you spend the bulk of your time. 


Or perhaps you are disenchanted with a career path that once seemed so exciting and would really like to go down a completely new path.  Or maybe circumstances beyond your control are forcing you to re-think and re-design your life.


Linda Finstad knows exactly how you feel, out of either necessity or just boredom she has re-invented herself several times. 

She went from horse riding instructor to hat designer. Professional photographer to author of 16 books and she is still re-designing her life as she steps into the role of transformational speaker and workshop facilitator.


Linda will guide you through a series of soul searching exercises to help you identify your passion and ultimately your purpose for being here.  The system is simple which is why it works. The focus is to create your own personal “Purpose Driven List” and overcome the dirty birdies of self doubt that keep you from reaching your full potential.


The system is delivered over three separate 90 minute sessions.

We could zoom through all the material in just one afternoon but it is important to;  

Embrace the slowness of the process and give yourself permission to take your time. 

View this as quality time, not just another item to cross of your to do list.


Linda is hoping you are looking for something more significant, more meaningful and certainly more rewarding. 

So it makes sense that such a plan would take a little more time to create.

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Invite Linda to talk at your next retreat or event

In her transformational talk, Linda Finstad shares personal real life stories of how she discovered the secret to finding your passion and answer to the question “Why am I here”.


Just to be clear, not everyone will be passionate about providing clean water to villages in Africa or finding a cure for cancer.  In fact 99% of people are not called to change the world. 


But she does believe every single person on the planet was put there for a reason and has a unique purpose for being here.  The secret to living a happy and fulfilled existence is to discover what that purpose is.  Why you are here, has very little to do with earning money or accumulating a ton of stuff.  Occasionally your purpose will line up with your chosen career but it doesn't depend on it.  We are looking beyond a job description and a pay cheque to discover your purpose and also your passion.  Very often these two go hand in hand, when you find one the other is revealed.


The process is simple, but does require commitment and active participation. 

It is relevant for people of all ages, nationalities and circumstances.  It is guaranteed to work if you put in the work.


Linda is not an inspirational speaker  - she is a Transformational Speaker.

Her stories and practical insights have the power to transform lives.


Linda is currently booking speaking engagements for 2019, e-mail

for rates and availability.


I don't normally promote other courses. 

To be honest I would prefer you to come to one of my workshops.

However this on-line workshop by Mel Robbins is a game changer.

I would highly recommend listening to this lady's life changing advice and strategies.

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