Shortie the Shetland Pony

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Shortie is searching for

his true purpose in life.

Join him on this interesting  journey.

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Free colouring pages

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Free colouring pages

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This is the tale of how Shortie

the Shetland pony conquered his fears when Katy went to camp.

Buy now $14.99 plus $6 shipping
Shortie the Shetland pony
word search puzzle
prism-equus painting of shortie the shetland pony
prism-equus painting of shortie te shetland pony
word search puzzle

Shortie the Shetland Pony

Easy Reader/ Colouring Books are perfect for:

Equine Summer camps - At the end of the day when everyone is tired from the fun and games of pony camp - allow campers to relax with  "Story time" then spend a little time colouring the pictures within their book. 

Equine Literacy Programs - When children read to a horse there is a wonderful sense of accomplishment, horses love the sound of human voices and will be an attentive listener.  They are also completely non-judgemental.  They don't care is the reader skips a few words or can't pronounce a certain word  - which gives children confidence to read out loud. 

Equine Assisted Learning - Katy Goes to Camp is number two in the “Shortie the Shetland pony” series A delightful book that teaches children valuable life skills and coping techniques it also encourages creativity as the children colour the illustrations throughout the book. Children will recognize similar experiences in their own lives as Shortie the Shetland pony describes feeling lonely when his Little girl (katy) goes away to camp. Feeling scared when the veterinarian comes to the ranch to give all the horses their shots and terrified when he hears noises in the night and imagines terrible monsters (which turn out to be just a friendly chicken). Children will take comfort by identifying emotions they see mirrored in a picture book and re-assured by the simple solutions Shortie finds to help him overcome his fears and feel better.It is important that children learn that it is Ok to have feelings even scary ones and it is always better to talk to someone they trust about what is troubling them. Just by expressing those feelings is sometimes all that is necessary to reduce the stress and start to feel better.All the illustrations in the book are intended as colouring pages. By encouraging children to colour the pages will help to re-enforce the valuable lessons in identifying and coping with your fears.

Just for Fun - Shortie is a little fat Shetland Pony with a big personality.

Pony crazy kids will love his adventures and mis-adventures and enjoy colouring the illustrations throughout the book. With ever increasing "screen time" it is more important than ever to introduce young children to the love of reading books and also encourage their fine motor skills as they explore their creativity and colour the pages.

Order 12 copies and save 20%

Order 12 copies $144 plus $20 Shipping

Order 12 copies $144 plus $20 Shipping


Shortie the Shetland Paint Party Packs
$25 plus shipping
$25 plus shipping
Paint Party packs come with full instructions on how to host a successful children's painting party

If you live in the Edmonton area - e-mail Linda to arrange for pick up and save on the shipping

 Prism-Equus painting of a cowboy riding a  bucking pony
Prism-Equus painting of a pony lying down
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