Painted Pony - Creative Retreat

Join us for a full day of learning and discovery centred around horses and art. The perfect way to connect with nature and crank up your creativity. 

Starting at 9am with Coffee and Cinnamon Buns - we will need plenty of energy for our fun filled day

Photography Basics 101

Fine art photographer Linda Finstad will teach you the basics of digital photography.  You will learn how to take “tack sharp” images of galloping horses.  How to adjust your camera to give you the best chance of success and most importantly “How to see the Light”.

Guided Horse Walk

and Equine Body Language Challenge 

Camera’s in hand everyone will head out to the pasture to meet the horses. The objective is to observe the horse’s natural behaviour and photograph their silent conversations. Now on first blush it may seem like nothing much is going on but as you quieten your spirit and hang out in their presence your powers of observation will begin to enhance.  The challenge is to Photograph the horses interacting and communicating with each other. 

Don’t worry if you are new to recognizing equine behaviour there is a cheat sheet.

Art Project

We will start to prepare the canvass for our “Spirit Horse” painting.

Free Gift  - You will receive a signed copy of Linda Finstad’s Latest book

“How to Discover your own Personal Spirit Horse”  perhaps some of the fine art featured in the book will act as inspiration.

Social Skills and Interactions

Equine Experiment

 The experiments are designed to test the problem solving abilities of horses, they were originally used to test dogs (one dog at a time).  However we are interested in observing how the horses communicate, co-operate, collaborate and express their own unique personalities as they perform the tasks so we test several horses all at the same time ( which is way more fun).


Step by Step guide to drawing horses

Many people think it’s hard to draw a horse after all there are lots of moving parts and joints. If you can draw simple shapes like circles, triangles and rectangles Linda Finstad will show you how to draw a horse and use this simple technique to draw horses standing, trotting, galloping, rearing well you get the picture. Once you learn this simple technique there is no limit to the variety of equine poses you will easily be able to draw.

Paint your Spirit Horse

You will spend the rest of the afternoon creating your own personal spirit horse - this is not like “Paint-Night” each painting will be your own original work of art.  The horses we will be multi coloured and in abstract form so there is no pressure to get the conformation exactly right. 


This is a time to just enjoy the process with some new friends.

Oh, and as a special treat for making it this far there will be cake!


We wrap up our day at around 4:30 pm

All Art Supplies 

Cheat Sheets and

Study Notes are provided

Plus a free signed copy of Linda Finstad's book

"How to Identify your own Personal Spirit Horse"

$165 per person

2018 Dates and Locations

Oct 14 - Windhorse Retreat - Bluffton

Gift Certificates Available