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Linda Finstad 

 Artist - Author - Photographer and all round good egg

Creative people are often accused of being un-focused and guilty of chasing after unicorns and rainbows in the pursuit of creating something truly unique and amazing.  This description accurately describes Linda Finstad.  However she has one redeeming quality, she is highly productive and prolific in every artistic avenue she walks down.  Linda loves to create but she also loves to share this love with others and encourage them along their own creative journey.

Linda Finstad painting a prism-equus horse

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Learn to paint with Linda Finstad

Fun classes for beginners and advanced

New classes starting Sept 2019


OMG Linda is amazing! I know we are all so much harder on ourselves when it comes to things like artistic ability, but wow - what a cool session! I have never ever thought of myself as having ANY artistic ability, but Linda's step-by-step approach and assurance that there is "no wrong way" with art, was very encouraging.

Linda did a terrific job at organizing and instructing us. Everyone’s picture turned out pretty darn good. That’s got to say something about the teacher.

Really loved doing the painting it was fun

Linda was so organized that it went smoothly, I loved it.

Shortie the Shetland pony
Children's story / colouring book
Free colouring pages from the books
shortie the shetland pony
Linda has 20 published books
Available on
Prism-equus painting featuring Kokopelli
Paintings by Linda Finstad
wild horses of alberta
Fine art photography by Linda Finstad
View the galleries at
Linda finstad painting from te back of a horse Prism-equus style

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Prism-Equus Heritage Horse 

Horses have played a major part in the development of most countries and cultures.  Artist Linda Finstad truly believes that horses are the common thread that tie all people together.


This concept is clearly depicted in her Prism-Equus Heritage Horse series of paintings. On first blush you will see a brightly coloured horse, however on closer inspection you will discover signs and symbols built into the body of the horse that represent a certain culture.


"Simply Equine  - Performance art

Invite Linda to your next event 

to thrill your guests with her live painting performance.

Art on Horseback

If you ever wondered what artists do just for fun

watch the video to find out!


Chicken Wisdom

hand painted tiger, from a black and white photograph

Just for fun, Linda has created a flock of crazy chickens  - Click on the image to see what all the clucking is about.

7x10 book cover 1.jpg
the purpose driven list book cover
How to find your passion and purpose in life
workshop and guided journal
Spirit horse front cover.jpg
Chicken Wisdom Art is now available on a wide range of merchandise.
free book of salvation

Free colouring pages

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 FREE colouring pages
Nourish your soul with this delightful little book by Linda Finstad  only $23
Spirit of Faith.jpg


Hand Painted Giclee Art canvas

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