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Art by the foot - Foot Square

Art buying made easy!

I feel that there are lots of people who would love to collect original works of art by local artists but it all seems so daunting.

After all there is the question of price - how do you know if you are getting a fair deal after all some paintings are $50 and some $5000

How do you know if your investment will actually be an investment?  

There is also the question of where to hang the piece?

Artist Linda Finstad wanted to make the process of buying art an easier process.  By eliminating some of the worries and concerns of newbie art collectors.

She has created a collection of art that hopefully makes becoming an art collector easy


All the original Paintings in this collection are one size - 12 x12 inches ( a square foot)


All the paintings are also the same price $145


They can be shipped world wide for one fee $15

( we all know how expensive shipping is these days so if it is more than $15 to ship to your location Linda will pay the difference) 

golden mare.jpg
Steppin out.jpg
teal foal.jpg
Simply Equine Collection
lazy river.jpg
tree line.jpg
lilac field.jpg
Contemporary Landscapes
Shy angel.jpg
acrylic angel ballerina.jpg
be happy.jpg
Everyday Angels
curly chicken.jpg
Pussy partol.jpg
Assorted Animal Pieces
Proud and strong.jpg
teal arabian.jpg
Purple rearing horse.jpg
purple storm.jpg

How to order

Please e-mail Linda Finstad  -

With your choice of painting - if it is still available she will arrange delivery to your location and payment will be made through e-transfer.

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