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Everyday Angels

Recognized by The  National Gallery of Canada as 
Canada's most prolific coffee artist


Linda committed to paint an angel a day ( using coffee instead of paint) during the Codid-19 pandemic

These helped her put into perspective all the fears and emotions this terrible virus brought  with it.

Some days her angels were optimistic and positive that life would find a way to return to normal  - yet on other days they used their sassy humour to mask the pain and problems. 


Linda is convinced that angels are among us - and they come in all shapes and sizes.

Her goal was to break the stereotype of angels being young, beautiful with slender limbs and flowing locks.

Linda's coffee angels reflect the lives and attitudes of everyday people in everyday situations.

Original Coffee Paintings - Prints - Greeting Cards and Fridge Magnets are available from

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The pandemic changed everything. Plans were put on hold, We all were forced to re-think and re-adjust our approach to work and business. Teachers and children were challenged to re-design education. Families had to find innovative ways to stay connected.  Not to mention how the stressed and over stretched the entire health system became.

One thing that has become clear.

In these uncertain times the only thing we can do is Just wing it.

Inspired by everyday angels

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Custom Coffee Angels

Commission Linda to create a custom coffee angel for that special person in your life.
The process is easier than you think!
just e-mail Linda at
and tell her a little about the person to be re-created as a coffee angel, their interests or hobbies or a situation you would like them to be portryed in.  Then send a full body photograph and a head shot so Linda can re-create their body type and hair style.
It's as easy as that
Linda will create a custom coffee angel 
Paintings are sized 8x10 and matted to fit an 11x14 frame
Investment is only $89
Note: Original paintings do not have any text or quotes
once the painting is created prints - greeting cards or magnets can then be made with quotes or special messages.
The perfect gift for any occasion
wisdom of a horse.jpg
Custom Coffee Angels 
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bully free.jpg
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E-mail Linda for more details
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