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Photo tinting and painting is an art form like no other because anyone can achieve amazing results regardless of age, artistic ability or experience.


These pages will guide you through the basic steps of photo tinting and painting by focusing on easy-to-learn techniques and principles. This is not the old fashioned re-touching of the nineteenth century.  This book shows you the modern approach to enhancing photographs, using modern art supplies and materials.  


The black and white photograph provides your base composition, it shows you where the highlights and shadows are in the picture.  The greyscale image reveals the tonal values all you have to do is decide how much or how little you wish to enhance the photograph.  


The step by step instructions will provide a fabulous resource to get you started.  But they are only intended as a guide to spark your own creativity.

The possibilities for this emerging art form are truly endless.   


This book was created for;

Photographers who want to increase the value of their work by adding a hand finished component to it.

Artists who want to try something new and perhaps paint a subject that is outside their comfort zone.

Colouring enthusiasts, no longer are you bound by colouring books you can create your own compositions to colour as simply as taking a picture.

Scrap-bookers who want to add a personal hand-embellished element to  their pages and photographs.

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Photo tinting, painting workshop 
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Easy to follow, step by step instructions
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