Paint Parties with Linda Finstad

Paint Party Options


* Suitable for Absolute beginners - We have a selection of super easy projects to choose from that will guarantee success for even those who claim they can't draw stick men.



* Q-tip Art

This is a surprisingly easy form of painting as we use a q-tip instead of a paint brush and build the image using a series of dots.  We create these stunning abstract images on a black canvass which we prepare in class.  You also learn how to use the colour wheel and blend paint to open up a while world of possibilities from just a few tubes of paint.

Hen Party Paint night

This is a fun evening where you will paint not one but two crazy chickens. Linda will show you how to prepare a mottled background, draw chickens that are full of character and bring them to life in acrylic paints.  The second painting will be on a black canvass - you will learn how to do the under-painintg so the colours pop of the page.  Suitable for anyone over 12yrs. 


Learn to draw horses and paint in a style called "Prism-Equus" that was developed by artist Linda Finstad. this class is more suited to intermediate students.

 Custom Theme

Perhaps your group is interested in nature and would like landscape projects, or perhaps a special holiday theme - for Valentines day or Christmas - just drop Linda  little note and she will prepare a very special art project just for you.

New for 2020

3D Flowers 

An advanced class that takes place over 2 seprate days

(due to the drying time required for each step) You will learn how to prepare your wooden plaque  - the easy way to draw flowers - create a contemporary background using palette knives  - Sculpt flowers using modelling paste - bring the flowers to life by understanding shadows and highlights  - finishing off with instruction on how to seal and varnish your work

Price - including materials $125

All paints, brushes, specialty pencils and materials are provided.

We will even loan you an apron to keep your clothes clean.

If you enjoy the process you are welcome to come back and create more paintings in the company of friends and with personal help from Linda Finstad in which ever style you prefer.

Each class is approx. 3 hours in duration, which means not everyone in the class will finish their painting.  Which is OK because  by the end of the class you will have the necessary skills to finish your painting on your own at home.  However you are welcome to register for another class and bring your painting with you to finish off in class (then start another one).

heart horse .jpg
your life.jpg
flower arabian.jpg
Q-Tip Art

$45 per person

wild side.jpg
Hen Party - Paint Night
moonlit pond 8x10.jpg
2020 Dates
Classes will resume as soon as it is safe
4 October 
4H Paint Party
1 - 4pm  ( private party)
23 October
Horse in Hand Ranch 
5 - 9pm 
e-mail Sandy to reserve your spot
Learn to paint with Linda
poppy 6.jpg
3D Flower Paintings


Equine personality 

depicted in colour

small halloween tree.jpg
jesus tree.jpg
baby jesus.jpg
Christmas Paint Party
small snowmen.jpg
small yellow tree.jpg
New Art projects
Linda is continually adding new art projects to the line up of
possible paintings participants at a paint class can create.
pointilism painting of a winged horse
Pointilism painting of a tree frog

Q-Tip art

As you can see this style of painting lends itself to many subjects  - not just horses. 

If you are intimidated by applying paint to a canvass using brush strokes - then you will love the control and ease of blending this method of creating art provides.

Class projects range from sweet and simple to advanced works of art. Once you have the theses techniques at your finger tips or should I say

Q-tips the sky is the limit.

Sweet and Simple 
red tree.jpg
tulips n daisys.jpg
pointilism painting of a dancer
pointilism painting of a butterfly

Intermediate project

Advanced project

sm green flower.jpg
sm red flower .jpg
small blue ballerina.jpg
Abstract Flowers
These are super easy and painted on an 11x14 canvass 
you will complete two paintings at a paint class.

Host a Painting Party

 Social activity - Fun creative get together - Fund raiser - church groups  - ladies retreat - Staff party - Summer camp activity - Birthday party 

Whatever the reason for hosting a "Learn to paint with Linda Class" The process is easy;

Step One: Contact Linda Finstad and set a date

Linda provides all the art supplies including protective table coverings and easels

we only use acrylic paints which means easy clean up - no mess no stress. 

The class lasts around 2.5 - 3 hours depending on how the group progresses. 

Everyone will get step by step instructions to create their own 16x20 master piece.

Step Two: Invite your friends and family to sign up for the class - minimum 6 people max 25

StepThree:  Collect payment for the class from your guests $45 per person everyone must have paid before the start of the class.

That's all there is to it  - Linda will arrive half an hour before the class is to set up. 

Earn Money:  We appreciate that the host has to do some work to pull this event together so we reward them by giving them $9 comission for each person attending their learn to paint party.

For example if you have 15 people attending your party you will recieve $135 hostess bonus

Contact Linda to select an available date 

Hen Party  - Paint Nights are so much fun, we paint funky chickens, drink wine and eat cake
This class is strictly for ladies only!  sorry guys
lets dance.jpg
flute winkle.jpg
rooste going nowhere.jpg
I'm possible.jpg

When hosting a "Hen Party Paint Night

You can either treat your guests to a glass of wine. Or encourage your guests to BYOB 

hauty hens.jpg