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Everyday Art - Social Experiment

Everyday Art

Social Experiment

To determine if art enriches your life.

There have been several scientific studies on how art enriches our lives.

According to Professor Semir Zeki, neurobiologist at the University College of London, when you stare at great artworks, the part of your brain that is stimulated is the same as when you fall in love.

I want to conduct a less scientific more grass roots experiment.

A simpler approach by asking everyday people to engage with me in a social experiment.

My goal is reach people who are perhaps not art experts or regulars at art galleries and museums. So I am sending out an open invitation to anyone who would like to participate.

Before you decide if the everyday art social experiment is for you, here is the overview

My name is Linda Finstad and I am an artist

Starting January 8th 2020 I intend to create a new painting every day for 100 days - yes that means I will create 100 paintings. The paintings will be a mixture of subjects and assorted mediums.

If you choose to participate, I will send you the painting of the day to your e-mail address along with what inspired me to paint it and how it was created.

At the end of the project you be asked to answer a couple of questions regarding the art and how it impacted your day. It’s that easy!

I am searching for 100 people to be a part of this social experiment. Who would be willing to receive a painting a day.

(no strings - no sales - no hidden agenda I promise) .

To participate and receive a fresh new painting in your inbox every day e-mail me Linda Finstad at and just type Count me in in the subject line. If you would like to send me a message and perhaps tell me the kind of art or subjects you like that would be great but I know how busy everyone is - so Count me in in the subject line will ensure you are part of the Everyday art project.

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